Arts and Culture

Here in the greater Seattle area, love of the arts runs deep. One of the benefits of living here is the overwhelming arts and entertainment opportunities within close distance. Come see what our area has to offer:


Seattle has been a city in love with drama since the days of vaudeville. The Seattle community's desire for exceptional live theater is met by a number of dynamic venues and companies. In total there are 29 professional theatre companies, 56 fringe theatre companies and 7 theatre schools in the greater Seattle area!
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Art Galleries

Seattle has a thriving visual arts scene with galleries to be found in almost every neighborhood. The city's main art district is in historic Pioneer Square, about a half-mile south of downtown's center. The turn-of-the century brick buildings of the neighborhood provide a unique setting for cafes, shops and nightclubs in addition to no fewer than 20 art galleries and studios.
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The museums in our area provide ample opportunity for education and enjoyment. Here are some of the most important museums in the Puget Sound region.
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Musical Ensembles

Music is part of what makes us human, and as such the mark of a culturally advanced city can be heard rather than seen. A strong music landscape is a vital part of a city's arts scene and adds to the overall quality of life. The love and support of Seattle's music scene is unquestioned, and Seattle has a number of nationally respected fine music ensembles.
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