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If I had to pick a favorite vintage of home it would have to be the Mid-century homes constructed between 1945 and 1965.  It's just my luck that we have some GREAT examples of Mid-century architecture here in West Seattle that I get to preview on a regular basis.  Click through here to read a blog post I wrote about a trip I made to Los Banos, CA in 2009 to attend a Public Open house at a Frank Lloyd Wright House.  I EVEN GOT TO LOOK IN THE CLOSETS.  Not only do I enjoy the design of homes from that era they are also a pleasure to sell.

Builders were making great strides in the materials that they used for building Mid-century homes particularly the concrete for foundations.  Mid-century homes feature solid, well built construction in addition to the sexy design elements that blend the inside with the outside surroundings. With a great many windows and open floor plans these homes were designed to bring the outdoors to the indoors, and when the outdoors is as beautiful as in the Pacific North West how could a Mid-century home not be just the thing?

This page is intended to grow into a great resource for West Seattle Mid-Century Home Owners and Seattle Mid-Century Home Enthusiasts. For a complete listing of current Mid-Century inventory in West Seattle including links to lots of pictures contact me here. If you own a Mid-Century and would like to know the value of your home contact me here for a free home valuation and market analysis.